I want to make a free one-page ProductHunt launch template.

Saeed Dzh
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Hi guys, I've been working on my side project for a year now, which is about template design for startups. If anyone is interested, here is the link - https://launchoice.com. So, I decided to build a free template for those who want to have a beautiful launch website. From time to time I scroll the ProductHunt launch feed and many good projects have very crooked sites. I thought that I could make a very simple and beautiful one-page template for those who want to start their project on ProductHunt. It seems to me that the template should consist of two or three blocks, such as: – Hero Section with title, subtitle, ProductHunt Badge, and some links buttons. – Short About Section with a few images. – Newsletter Section – Footer What do you think? Maybe you have some suggestions for sections?


Lucian Tartea
Great idea, makers need more high quality templates. Good luck with the project