I want to hear people's opinion on Low code or No Code development platform?

Janya T.
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I would say it depends on the complexity of your product. I haven't heard developers working on big projects using or recommending low code or No code platforms not to say there are none that do the job I just haven't come across one. Just my $0.02 :)
My preference I would say is Low code. And I am not a fan of building products using nocode alone, it's practically no feasible. In today's world, the border between low code and code is blurred. It's about convenient and use cases to individual situations. If you are validating concept then going with the packaged cloud solutions like firebase make sense, rather than stitching everything together on your own.
Fabian Maume
There is some indie hacker group about no code, it can be a good source of info for you: https://www.indiehackers.com/gro...
Dan Rockwell
Definitely here to stay and will evolve into different ecosystem catagories. This is ripe acquisition material at the moment. So if you have a nocode tool notion, get in and make the thing and then change lives get customers and get acquired because this gonna be another ecosystem to manifest, then the tale of niche operators, then the tale of acqusitions, positioning and standardization, then mainstream-ism, that will be an interesting take on the idea to execution notions. Nocode movement accelerates nicely along side the other nichese you see or fail to see- AI, ML, operational to API changes, pending AR reality structures, and the grand game of empowering the average. Now coding is not dying at all, its just a movement.
Dimitris Karavias
Depends on what you're building! Start with the user experience and work backwards. Don't pick a tool just because someone here said so.
sulyman moyo
been playing around with a lot lately Some info that could help Social network: tribe.so, mighty networks marketplace like amazon: sharetribe, marketplace kit others for dynamic development: glide apps, adalo (pretty powerful) weebly is a wildcard for me
Ali Sabti
Game changing for building MVPs but not ready for mass scale in most cases.