I made a platform for juniors who want hands-on coding experience

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I've been working on this as a side project: https://remote-juniors.vercel.app/ Lots of companies are willing to train juniors - I've posted on reddit and got answers from senior devs who mentor others as part of their daily schedule. Sometimes it's one dev for 3-4 juniors. There's no platform really that caters to that. There's a huge demand for devs. And lots of juniors who just need a bit of guidance to make progress. So I've built this. You can sign up with your Github profile. The next step is I'll be reaching out to companies and see how they feel about getting listed. If you want to help out let me know. I'll be working on improvements. Also, would love to get a code review from a senior dev if possible. Any suggestions are also welcome!


Planning to launch on here after I get a few iterations in 🤞
Martina Hackbartt
Hi Steph! This is a great initiative! I just made myself a profile :) good luck