I'm writing an article about personal finances as a founder/entrepreneur. Wanna share your story?

Gabriel Bujold
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Hey folks, my name is Gab and I'm the cofounder of Allswealth, a financial planner for Canadians. I'm currently writing an article about personal finances for founders and I believe it would be great to get the input of some of you. I'm not sure if Indie Hacker put rel="dofollow" on their links but I'm planning to link back to your website on the article. I'm looking for the following information: -Your best advice for founders regarding money management/personal finances? -A mistake you did that they should not repeat. -Why personal finance is important and how that helped you? -Your name, your work title, and your website. P.S. I read the community guidelines and I believe it was okay to write this post, but feel free to them me if that's not the case.


Fabian Maume
Do you need stories from people based in Canada?