I'm putting together a list of free(mium) tools for indie hackers. Contributions welcomed! ❤️

Max Prilutskiy
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Manoj Surya
You might want to add - Truepush.com , free push notifications tool, free upto 10k users.
Max Prilutskiy
@manojsurya3110 amazing, Manoj! The collection is open-source, so just send a pull request and the tool will be in the list 😉
Nikita Jerschow
I’m not sure where to add this but sendblue.co has an indie hacker plan!
Mathias Lipowski
Taking notes might help every hacker. I would suggest https://note2selfmail.app
Tod Pedler
This is great. Thanks. papermind.co
as a former indie hacker I LOVE this, Max can I send a PR to include daily.co? we offer real-time video/audio APIs (2k minutes free/mo + a early stage startup/indie hacker program as well!)
Fabian Maume
This could be a nice resource for you: https://www.lunadio.com/blog/bes... I added on my to do list to make a pool request to add the tools I know.
Václav Hodek
With only around 25% of people speaking English as their first or second language out of 4.4B people online in total, it's always a good idea to offer your product/service in more languages. You can use https://localazy.com to easily manage translations or even order professional ones. It's free for smaller apps.
Ahmed Saleh
How about teaching? Don't see a category for teaching.
Axel Lavergne
Hi @maxprilutskiy ! Check out reviewflowz! Very convenient way to manage reviews (for free) for indie makers :)
Fabian Maume
I made a pull request to add SmartLook ;)
Tade Adamjak
I would suggest adding Billdu.com - invoicing app, with super useful features at a great price.
Manuel Ernesto Garcia
Really good resources there !! You got my star :)
Brittany Salas
This is super helpful. Could also add Wave.com to the payments section.