I'm now looking for a CTO to my startup that got funded - what to tell about us in the job ad

Helene Auramo
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We just got 13 investors to my startup and we are now looking for a CTO (also a partner in the future). Our company is heavily sustainable and is building a better world. I think our company is special. I understand that everyone thinks that way. :) However, we really try to make a difference by helping all the sustainable companies out there. We match people with sustainable businesses and help them find each other. And we have got really good results. I would like to find a CTO who can take a leadership role, wants to build a better world, and help all these purposes and mission-driven businesses (tackling climate change for example). Someone who believes in humane tech and softer things as values and is eager to help in building a better world. But where can I find these people? And what to mention in the ad to attract them?


Twitter has a big tech community. There is also website like github / dev.to / medium where there is a lot of potential CTO. Maybe you can try to connect with tech leader here ?
Hi @helenemathieu love love your platform Prono. Will have to join up as a business consultant/expert which brings me to my next question. Why do you need a CTO exactly? Is is to help build Prono? Or to assist the businesses on your platform? I ask because the platform involves having business/tech experts on there already right? So can you make the most of the experts you already have access to?
Kit Fach
I would recommend doing a few calls with people offering CTO consulting. It will cost more than just listing your job but in my opinion, it's worth it. You'll be able to get some insights on what you should be looking for from people who are CTOs and you can see if you click with any of them. Even if none of them are a fit for CTO they will be able to point you in the right direction of people or at least give you some great questions to ask potential candidates. In my mind, the price of doing 3 - 5 consulting calls is well worth finding a perfect fit. For my start-up we did this looking for a developer to help us build our first MVP and it was one of the biggest reasons we were able to find a really competent affordable dev team, even though we started without as much technical knowledge.