I`m giving anyone who needs a free feedback session for his/hers product or launch

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Hi hunters, I feel like making something good for as many people as I can, and I think PH Community is the right place to help other founders/launchers. You can ask me here or email me at janetjujefesko@gmail.com to send me your beta product or even share your idea, and I am going to give you my honest and constructive feedback about it. A little bit about me: I have participated in an accelerator program Founder Institute 2019 batch, and I won the second place reward graduating as the only solo female founder. My work experience is as a UXD and PM at famous product companies in my country.


Misha Krunic
Hello, @butafly ! My latest project is BotMeNot, a bot protection scoring service. I'd be glad if you could give me your honest feedback on it. https://botmenot.com/
Misha Krunic
@butafly Zhanet, just wanted to thank you for your valuable feedback! I've reviewed it with my team and we'll be implementing some of your suggestions in the future!
I'm genuinely curious what you think about Disk Notifier. Disk space monitoring for busy engineers. I'm especially curious what you think about the pricing. https://disknotifier.com hello@disknotifier.com or harm@aarts.email. Much appreciated!
Martina Hackbartt
Hi Zhanet! What a great initiative. With our team, we are creating ReSkript (https://www.reskript.com/) and would really appreciate it if you could take a look and tell us what you think. My email is martina.hackbartt@reskript.com. Thank you! :)