I'm building a Productivity Tracker inside Notion. What would you add in it?

Sarvam Fating
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The one's i'm planning to add to my Productivity Tracker : - POMODORO Timer - Goal Tracker - Habit Tracker Gonna need your suggestions for this 🙌🏻 The Tracker goes live within the next 3 days. 🚀🥹


Martina Hackbartt
A task tracker where you put your goals into action!
Jonathan Massabni
A way to compare your results in those 25-minutes over time
Nico Muoio
Maybe a calendar where you can track progress over time?
Denis Klimin
NO! I don't like Notion! It's like Google Sheet. You can use Pomodoro, Ordemio, ToDoist and dif apps on your Mac or iPhone too. I used Notion just for contacts. It's nor convinient, bucause it's just spreadsheet.