I had an idea for a dating app!!

Kate Jonas
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What if your best friend or a third person could set you up on blind dates after a basic compatibility test? So my best friend set me up with a guy on Hinge for a blind date and I loved it, I know this idea has a lot of technological and backend issues, but do you think I should start working on it?


There is something called 'bestie picks bae' check it on youtube. might help
Jaskiran Kaur
Your idea is amazing!!!
Vanella Richardson
Yes! I've totally had the same idea! I don't know if I'll ever be open to dating apps but the reality is that this is how people are connecting. I would definitely be open to letting my friends do the matching and I just have to show up.
Richard Francis
I feel like this could definitely be a female-led thing (I.e. guys sign up but don’t get to choose). Personally I think it’s a good idea 👍 Social apps are super hard to start though so I’d focus on your launch/growth strategy (after validating idea of course). If you have a few thousand to throw at PPC you might be able to get some traction... or raise seed, even better..
Emily Harris
A dating app is always a good idea. Nowadays, online dating is super popular. Personally, I have already signed up on more than 5 sites. My favorite is this one https://mylistcrawler.com/midget.... It's convenient to meet new people online, I know it from my personal experience.