I got my first full-month sponsor and I need your opinion 🫠

Karthik Tatikonda
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Hey indie hackers, I got our first full month sponsorship for our website Launchpedia for march month and I need your opinion to know if it’s doing good. Here’s how it started 👣: Getwaitlist reached out to us in the last week of February for promoting their tool on the LaunchPedia website. They booked a full site promotion for the whole month of March for $196. It was a special day for us as it was our first sponsor who booked for the entire month since we started working on launchpedia. Our website visitors are mainly startup founders & marketers so Getwaitlist found our website to be a perfect match for featuring their tool. How did it perform? 🔢 Today is 18th of March, Which means they have spent $113 for 18 days. Here are the numbers of how their ad performed on our site: Clicks: 412 $ Spent per click/ CPC: 0.27 So, What do you think? 🤔 I need your opinion on if the ad performance is good since this is my first full month sponsorship I received for Launchpedia. Is $0.27 CPC comparable to ad costs on other platforms? Let me know in the comments. You can check out our website here https://launchpedia.co/ And if you want to sponsor any of your tool on launchpedia, you can check out out sponsor page https://launchpedia.co/promote-o...


Krishna Kumar
Are they happy? Will they renew? That is all that matters