I got lead info from an online tool, what should be the best next step?

Janak Patel
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I found many lead extraction tools online. I used one and extracted company details for my targeted industry. Is it of any use? I read different articles. The best way to get conversion is to nurture the relationship first then use the lead info to reach out through call or email. Does anyone use the tactic to get results? I have B2B offerings, what is the best use of these leads? Or if I put in different words what is the best next step to perform using this info? I have a company name, bio, contact details, LI profile, other social media profiles, and some followers, following details in Excel.


Tim Devereux
Looking at your question from the B2B sales perspective, the first step I would take is to qualify the lead(s) - determine if the lead you generated is actually someone who would purchase your product/service. This is important for 2 reasons: 1. On the individual lead level - it will help you determine if you should put time into nurturing the relationship 2. On an overall level - it will help you determine if the source you're using is any good, or if you have to refine your search criteria or look to another source To qualify the lead: - Research the company - do they fit the target profile for the product/service you sell? - Research the contact - do they fit your buyer persona? If the lead ticks these boxes, your next goal should be to speak with the lead: - Are they the person who will make a purchase decision? - Do they have a need? - Do they have budget? - Are they motivated to purchase your product/service at this time? If your lead ticks all the boxes, then it is definitely worth investing the time to nurture the relationship. If not, the quicker you move on the quicker you can find someone who does tick the boxes.
Janak Patel
@tim_dev Thank you for answer. Leads info are coming pretty accurate to 80 to 90% I'd say for my targeted profile. Researching contact, persona and further points you made, I need to verify. I'm moving in that direction. Again thank you for explaining at granular level.