I Did Something Fun On My 404 Page

Ugur KILCI 😈
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Hi, I'm Uğur KILCI, entrepreneur and content creator. I have a startup called Girişimzel. I made a small change on the 404 page. How do you think it happened? :) https://www.girisimzel.com/404


Bharadwaj Giridhar
Haha, that's cool. Wish I could choose my own rock/paper/scissor option instead of being assigned at random
Ugur KILCI 😈
@goforbg Firstly, thank you. You and one of the Indie Hackers want this. I will improve immediately. I'll let you know when it's done. :)
Ugur KILCI 😈
@goforbg I implemented your suggestion. It looks super. What do you think? Your thoughts are important to me. :)
Paul VanZandt
I appreciate the dedication to improvement and user feedback. I think it's cool!
Ezzat Suhaime
Heyy! This is cool. I also really enjoyed your website. I do have a couple suggestions for your site if you’d like them :]
Ugur KILCI 😈
@ezzat Thank you. I would love to hear your suggestions 🤗
Nabeel Amir
That is very interesting! What was the reaction? If you can share it, please do so—I'd love to hear how this has impacted your sign-ups.
Ugur KILCI 😈
@nabeel_amir At first, it was just a simple game of rock paper scissors. Then I started to support with feedback. Then I took action to encourage them to register. The truth is that everyone appreciates it, but no one signs up for the newsletter. :D However, there is a situation like that, and the downtime on the site has increased. The downtime on site was 47 seconds. One and a half minutes now. Currently, on this page, it shows you to subscribe to the newsletter if you win the game. If he loses and draws, he remembers why he came and writes information that will help the user. I have added book suggestions at the bottom of the page. We need to wait a little longer and see new analyzes. The process is a wonderful feeling. 🤗
Kazimieras Melaika
Haha, nice! :D Nice use of 404 page! I think it would be even better if you could add something related to your product there to also entertain the possible users. Btw, we’re launching in late May. Check out our upcoming PH page: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/eff... Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed habits, health, symptoms, and meds tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
Ugur KILCI 😈
@kmelaika Firstly, thank you. Also to I remember signing up for your product. :)
Sandra Djajic
Hahaha, this is awesome!