I Convinced My Company to Pivot From SaaS

su kaygun sayran
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Quick disclaimer: I didn’t actually found a startup but I influenced an entire SaaS startup with 15 years of history to pivot its entire product from online forms to building real-life tables. Long story short (the longer version on IH), I used to be a product manager at JotForm (I’m now the product VP of The Table by JotForm) but not being able to connect with the product I worked on countless hours was getting at me. I wanted to touch and see the fruit of my labor. Combining my father’s long carpentry skills and my product skills a designed a table created for productivity. I presented my idea to the team but unfortunately, it was rejected. This reaction was expected but I didn’t give up. I worked on a prototype (actually 10 different prototypes) and swapped my boss’s desk with my prototype. This time around the reaction was the exact opposite. Everyone loved it. Every single person in my company. So we started working on The Table and finally launched it today. This was the biggest moment of my life. I was actually able to influence an entire company to completely change its focus. Here's the link to our launch: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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