I built a service to roast landing pages. Can you roast its landing page?

Dan Kulkov
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Hey there Next week we are launching MakerBox Roasting on Product Hunt. This is a productized service β€” send the landing page and get the feedback in 48 hours. Ironically, right now we need feedback from you. Mind roasting us? https://www.makerbox.club/roasting


Tanmay M
+ That yellow shadow (glow) is hurting my eyes πŸ‘πŸ˜­πŸ‘ + Why there is no spacing between those mac buttons 😭😀
Dan Kulkov
@tanmaymakode hey there Do you hate yellow glow everywhere or just in this pic?
Sveta Bay
@tanmaymakode thanks a lot for the feedback! By the way, we're live today and we'll appreciate your support! producthunt.com/posts/makerbox-roasting
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
This is great! you are a true marketer. :) The landing page is pretty well organized. And I think messaging is also done very nicely.
Dan Kulkov
@imtiyaz922 hey, thank you! that is so nice to hear is there anything we can improve on?
Sanghita Dey
This is super cool. Would lobe to get our pre-signup landing page roasted. Are your providing any coupons at this point?
Dan Kulkov
@sanghita_dey hey, thank you! here you go, made an additional discount for early adopters from Product Hunt ❀️ https://makerbox.gumroad.com/l/r...
Hélène SAN
TBH I didn't read all of it but there is too much scroll to do in my point of view I like the idea and the rest of the landing page is OK, well presented πŸ‘ PS: I really liked the cats pic ahaha
Dan Kulkov
@helene_san cat pics are the best! any tips how can we improve it?
Nico Muoio
Love the site Dan! I'm ready to smash the upvote for you on Monday.
Kristina M
I always think of landing pages as stand alone (no navigation bars) to minimize distraction and focus the user on the CTA you want them to take. Core value prop: - Not crazy about the word roasting. I know that's the shtick, but it has a negative connotation and it will only attract a certain customer. This may be your goal anyways, but I would cast a wider net with "review" instead. - "Send" your landing page? "Give us" may be better...at the very least say "Send us" your landing page. It's weird wording. - get a 20 min roasting...how? Is it a video you'll send me? Is it 20 min review that I will receive as written notes? As a checklist? Specify "video". Video: - Video is hard to understand at times. The person there speaks way too quick and there is no change in the intonation, so it just blends in the background. I would changes it and potentially make it a bit more dynamic like having little pop ups from your checklist that are checked off. "Core value prop easy to understand? [green check box]" - Also, check the auto applied subtitles on the YouTube video..."here block" vs "hair block" vs "hear block"...it seriously spelled it every which way haha Answer these questions: - Who will be doing the review. You talk about your expertise, but then someone else is doing the demo. Who will be doing the roasts and how are they qualified? - In one of your FAQs you say that "after watching my video you'll have a list of reviews to make". You bolded the list. Are you providing a written list along with the video? If not, this is confusing. Testimonials: So - so. You know how to improve these - give me the numbers. Clicks to Call to action on LP increased X%, Bounce rate decreased X%, CVR increased X%. Do a before and after. Do a timeline of impact - increased sales by X% after a week, 2 weeks, etc. You made me the promise of a paying customer in the core value prop and then you don't mention how your action will lead to paying customers, which is a difficult thing to make a promise about. The caveat is that if they are not driving the right people to it, it won't have great results regardless of how much you roast it. Show me stats that say someone had X paying customers and now had X increase after your roast. What you get: - 20-minute personalized review (specify it's a video. Will I get a YouTube link? Will I get it through my email? Will I have to login in to a portal to get it? Explain delivery a little further. - Holistic audit of your landing page (Repetitive. Isn't the 20 min review the holistic audit?) - BONUS: Landing page checklist (why do I need this? for future LPs? for my current one? How will I be using this and why is it such a great bonus?) and workbook (Same here. Tell me more about what this will do for me and why I need it) Hope this helps and good luck!
Dan Kulkov
@kristina_m Kristina, thank you very much! Appreciate you took time and wrote such detailed feedback. There are a lot of harsh truths here. That's a gift! thank you once again ❀️
Kristina M
@kronop It's always easier to give feedback on something than to create it from scratch, so props to you are in order. Looking forward to seeing how this does!
Tapos Ovi
What's your suggestion on optimizing a website for increasing conversions? What strategies you take & optimize the user journey that's why they convert more?
Dan Kulkov
@tapos_ovi every landing page is different, but in general I think there are 3 tips - amplify the problem - talk more about the positive outcome - leverage storytelling if you want more personalized tips, submit your landing page 😎
Hiro - Atsuhiro Teshima
The landing page looks great. I only needed to scroll up to see the headline because it automatically scrolls to the video area which I'm not sure I'm interested. Actually, this is what I need right now because I feel like my landing page is not stuck to the visitors currently. So, actually, I already paid for the service:) Submitting the form soon and looking forward to receiving your feedback.
Dan Kulkov
@atsuhiro_teshima yay, I've seen your purchase β€” glad to roast your landing page ASAP ❀️ thanks for the feedback! appreciate you Atsuhiro
Devin Dixon
Why should we believe that you are worth $99 in terms of giving feedback? What makes your feedback worth that much?
Dan Kulkov
@devin_dixon1 great questions I hope to answer it on my bio section Moreover, $99 is 5-10 paying customers for most B2C products. So it's all about the ROI
Darwin Binesh
Have a few comments for you that i think might help with your copy. The great things here IMO are your images, the pricing blocks, and the testimonials. Great to see the testimonial at the top especially. Video was also great. The two themes I noticed with copy are a slight lack of precision and the potential to be more bold with some button copy. Let's start from the op: The opening heading: "Get more" paying customers - this creates questions and risks "skim mode" - how many more customers? is there a guarantee? Vague statements like "get more" is not as attention-grabbing, so having something like a clearer benefit "a higher converting.." or a guarantee" or your money back" gets more attention. Alternatives might be (second sentence is the sub-heading, third is the bottom copy) "A better landing page in 20min or your money back. Serious, critical feedback delivered privately in 48 hours. See how it works" "5% more conversions from your landing page. Send us your landing page and get a 20min roast in 48 hours. Preview for free" The "we know your struggle" section seems not as strong as the others. The "people are afraid to say..." area also overlaps slightly with your Q&A below. Alternatives: "Your friends don't want to hurt your feelings. We would if we have to." "After {$X history of success} we went through the same (and know how to fix it" The "level up..." section I like and think the image is great. The "brutal honest..." section I also like. If you add the brutal honesty notes above, this might feel like an overlap. If you take the notes above, this section could be more about the bonuses. I didn't even realize there were bonuses until reading it through a third time. The "roasting partner" section is very good. Lots of credibility here. The Q&A section is also very good. The "Be confident" section is good. My only comment might be that "be confident" is slightly vague, which is admittedly better towards the end of the page than at the top (they've made it this far for a reason). Perhaps "see how others feel" or "hear what others are saying" could help. My advice here isn't as strong I'm not good with social proofing. The pricing section and sections after it are great. Also - 3 things worth adding: "refund policy: if we have zero improvements for your landing page we will issue an immediate refund." This helps lower a buyer's action threshold, and it seems like there's always a way to improve anyway. I doubt you'd issue many reviews. Worth adding IMO. "bonus, purchase a landing page review and get {discount} on {another product}" This increases lifetime value, and if the benefits of both products are complementary, then it feels like the deal is even harder to say no to. If not a discount on another product, then free digital downloads work too. Seems you have it already, might be worth making it more obvious. "disclaimer: we provide honest, sometimes brutal reviews. It's never our intention to offend people, but it can happen. If you're easily offended by critical feedback, this may not be for you." This is reverse psychology. It's like saying don't get mad if it's too good. Similar to how viagra has a warning saying "if it works for 4 hours go see a doctor" - it makes people feel like it's so good there's a warning label. Hope that helps!!
Dan Kulkov
@darwin_binesh thank you so much! this is soooo helpful to me appreciate you took time to give this feedback!
Naomi Chao
The yellow highlight around "paying customers" doesn't have rounded corners even though every other box does :( Small thing but I remember asking for the same highlighting fix when I first arrived to intern at Gamma lol
Darwin Binesh
Glad it hear! I tried something like for sales and marketing docs but yours is wayyy better!!
Darwin Binesh
@kronop Sorry I missed it don't check in every day. How'd it go?