Hunters: what do they do, how do you find them, how beneficial are they in launching?

Justin Johnson
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I feel like I've read so much about hunters but still have no idea what they do and how they help a launch! I know the maker can also be the hunter but how does it help to have someone else hunt? How do you approach someone to be a hunter? Help!!!


Oscar Wehbe
About half of the PH winners of the day have actual hunters so I don't think there is a big difference in having one versus not having one. Previous years, followers of hunters would get notified of the launch of the product they were hunting via email but today I believe that only happens if you're a maker. People who follow hunters only get in-app notifications. In saying that, hunters with large followings might be included to share what they've hunted on their socials. They also add a layer of social proof and can be quite useful as an active account which has more weight than a less active account.
Justin Johnson
@oscar_wehbe this is helpful. So it's basically an influencer marketing approach for a PH launch?
Angeli Zhao
@oscar_wehbe @justin_govy I think yes. It's like asking an Influencer on Instagram to post your product for you.
Fabian Maume
Hunters just give you a small boost of exposure on Product hunt. They typically share your launch on their other social media like LinkedIn and Twitter. If you want to find a hunter, you can check out: If you cannot find a hunter, just hunt your own product.
Justin Johnson
@fabian_maume This is a great tool, thank you! I found some people that could be a good match but what do you think the best way of reaching out and asking?
Fabian Maume
@justin_govy top hunters often have a contact form on their website to ask for hunt, so check their personal website first. Otherwise, Twitter or LinkedIn are a good way to outreach them.
Rich Watson
they are beneficial because it sends a notifications to all their followers for the launch. as far as finding them, I still haven't figured that out yet- just haven't needed to, for now.
Justin Johnson
@richw Check out the link above from @fabian_maume, really helpful. I didn't realize the notifications side of it, thanks for that.