How you spend your free time after work? :)

Sini Katariina
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Do you find it hard to recover after workday or workweek? What kind of leisure time activities and interests do you have? Would you like to find time for those inspirational hobbies?


Sini Katariina
I wish I had better regularity on sports, right after the workday. Now I have done skiing and walking, irregularly. My hobbies are also singing and salsa-dance, which are really good ways to recover and gain energy for the next workday :)
Tytti Sandström
@sini_katariina sports are so important to me. I've noticed that I have to build a habit to exercice right after work.
Sini Katariina
@tytti_sandstrom you have excellent attitude and habits then !
Adraina Agyei
A good session at the gym helps a lot with recovery, or even a nice walk around the block.
Erica Y
@adraina_a how do you motivate yourself to go to gym after work?
Nate Ruggieri
@adraina_a @eeri2 @anastasiia_holiachenko Easy! Just make it part of your day. Meaning, the first thing you do when leaving work is go to the gym. THEN go home. If you go home first forget'll likely not make it back out to the gym. I've done this for many years and it just becomes part of your overall day before you head home.
Erica Y
@adraina_a @anastasiia_holiachenko @javacoder Very true, Nate. Do you workout alone or do you have a friend you workout with? I seem to need some social pressure to force myself to go :D
Tytti Sandström
@adraina_a @eeri2 you just decide that you go. Don't worry If The workout will be good or effective. Anything is better than nothing!
Aleksi Halsas
Working obviously, why would you do anything else if you love your work?
Johannes Karjula
@aleksi_halsas1 i guess the right answer should be then "sleeping" :)
Aleksi Halsas
@karjula Do you mean you cant work without sleep?
Sini Katariina
@aleksi_halsas1 @karjula "sleeping" is a very good answer! Or a dog walks, Aleksi !
Erica Y
I love to knit as I can experience a sense of accomplishment and see my progress in a very concrete way. I mostly do socks or baby clothes because the smaller the item is, the sooner I can have it ready. For the past 10 years, I’ve also done kickboxing to stay active. It’s a hobby I can recommend to others because you’ll constantly learn new skills and improve the previously learned techniques 🥊
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I rarely am able to state that "I am free" as something or the other keeps springing up every now and then- but when I am really free, I love to focus on myself: check up on my health, experiment a new look I would like to try, wor out a new schedule for the day to break the monotony, revisit my writings or write new stuff- basically, it is like meeting my own self as a friend to check up on them!
Angi Bowman
There's free time after work? I kid, I kid. I'm usually shuttling kids to different activities and making sure everyone gets some sort of nutrition in them at some point. I like to cook and bake, but I tend to do most of the prep work for the week over the weekends because our weekdays are so busy. I've taken up crochet and knitting as a way to relieve stress, which is something my cat likes to "help" me complete. When the weather is nicer, I like to go on light hikes and walking. Weather this time of year is wild though!
Stephany Dionysio
Free time? Do you guys have that?
Family time, Exercise and Gaming all help me to switch off and recover from the week 😀
Nature walks and firing up the PS5 👍
John Stewart
If you love your job then sometimes it can feel less like work and more like a full-time hobby that pays. That being said I think it's best to maintain outside leisure activities or join new ones. Don't be afraid to take on something new regardless of age or talent. Homelife can obviously overcomplicate that though, but if possible I would plan to give yourself 2 hours a week, to read, walk etc. Do something different from your usual workday routine to avoid feeling as though you're starring in the next Groundhog Day. Feeling as though you've done something different often speeds up the workweek for me. For me, it's the Gym, Gaming etc
Sometimes I genuinely just stare up at my ceiling for a good while. I think decompressing by just zoning out is best for me. Otherwise, I try to do something physical (not necessarily a workout) that involves my hands, like art or cooking :) What do you do in your free time Sini?
Sini Katariina
@maxine_buchert nice that you shared your thoughts! I do my housework and like to spend active time with friends, sometimes I need to go outside home for example to dance class or singing lesson!
Laura Partanen
Usually I go outside to jog or (in the winter) to ski, and some days I go to gym. What I do after that varies a lot depending on the day, but mostly I knit, cook, read or watch some series or movies etc :)
Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
Usually I spend the evening time with my family watching movies, playing board games, talking, making a dinner, etc. Sometimes I prefer knitting, drawing or book reading while being alone.
Chanel Nicole
Reading books. Books that give you knowledge. skylightpaycard
Elena Cirera
It isn't easy to find free time at work, but I study some blogs to polish my skills whenever I have some free time.
Sini Katariina
@elena_cirera interesting! What blogs do you like to read?
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Sometimes after work, I ... continue working🙃
Urszula Ostrowska
I try to hit the gym at least 3 times a week. In my spare time I also practice my drawing / painting skills, read books and catch up with my friends. 🏋️‍♀️ I try to stay away from the computer because I work in front of the monitor 8 hours a day + I have remote classes on weekends 🙃
Srishty Chaudhary
After a long week of working, I usually prefer reading or writing because that's my favorite part to do. I also give time to my friends and family as due to work I cannot focus more on them and after having a nice talk with them, it feels good.
Christopher Paige
I usually spend my free time after work playing video games. Yes, we grown-ups can find the time to play video games after work. I sparing 2–3 hours for Lost Ark now, right after work.