How would you do it if you were to launch a landing page in 24hrs?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Be specific with the tools you use, methods you follow, and tips you implement.


Here's the tools that I used this week to build Domain Registrar - Cloudflare (Free privacy protection) DNS management - Cloudflare DNS Email connected to domain - Zoho Mail (5 free accounts) Landing page builder - Unicorn platform Illustrations - unDraw Help with content - CopyAI Mailing list and welcome email - Mailchimp Analytics - Google Analytics Survey for more info from signups -
One very insightful trick I'm trying is to have a survey in the welcome email Found it in this thread.
Shanal Mendis
@hsanat very insightful thank you
Rucha Joshi
@hsanat Thanks for sharing Sanat, this is quite helpful - your list as well as this tip :)
Jono Matusky
@hsanat Unicorn and undraw are a great to know about. Thanks!
Joshua Dance
I would make a plain HTML Javascript landing page. Use a simple Mailchimp form to collect emails.
Angi Bowman
Our company uses Storyblok to create landing pages, which means our development team put in the hard work initially to make it consistent across all webpages. Once their involvement was complete, the marketing team can step in to take over the actual creation of it. The hardest part is defining the purpose and goal of the landing page and then creating the copy and graphics for it. The actual creation part is fairly straightforward. For example, the landing page we created for our Product Hunt took about an hour total to create, review, edit and publish. We had our goal, prepared the materials, and it was simple after that.
Wil Rork
Domain: GoDaddy Landing page builder: Carrd or Unicorn Newsletter/mailist: Beehiiv or mailchimp Email: Gmail for business Design: unDraw or GetIllustrations
Greg Doig
Mailerlite makes it easy to do, in less 24 hours, and free to start. But, I'm sure there are plenty more.
Izhar Ahmad Danish
Jasper - AI Copywriting SendFox - Email Marketing Keyword Ched - Finding Best SEO Keywords Surfer SEO - To write SEO Optimized articles Canva - For Graphics
Kaushal Gajjar
I am Kaushal Gajjar, CoFounder of Pagemaker. We are running an agency for creating high-converting landing pages. We built landing pages for well-known startups and companies as well. Creating a HIGH-Converting landing page in 24 hours is impossible if you are going to design from Scratch. And that's why we created a product called Pagemaker to create landing pages in just 15 mins with our decade of experience in the same space. Pagemaker: No-Code Mobile-First Landing Page Builder Link: After checking the tons of tools available in the market like InstaPage, Wix, and many more, we decided to create a CRO-focused and Mobile-First landing page builder to help users create landing pages from the predesigned CRO-focused modules with our experience. All the templates in Pagemaker are tested and used for different clients. And based on the conversion data we have, we created the library of those high converting templates. It's easy, no hosting required, and you can use almost all the features for Free in creating your first landing page. 🤘 Don't forget to share your feedback. 🤝
Bertha Kgokong
Step 1: Use an AI content generator to help speed up the process of creating content, like what to say on the website -- writing it in a clear, way. Step 2: Get a domain --- Namecheap Step 3: Build the website in HTML, use Mailchimp for the list building (Free package) Step 4: Push the HTML to (Github Pages - Free Hosting) alternatively, if I want a more sophisticated hosting (FOR EXAMPLE, say I expect to launch on PH or some other platform where I could get traffic spikes, I would use the Free static website hosting *App Platform* from Digital Ocean, which is built to scale) All this and all I will pay for is the domain itself.
Jonathan Anderson
As a maker, of course, I'm terribly biased, but I'd use Candu to embed pre-built no-code components. We have a bunch of pre-built templates, so I could use the other 20 hours to watch Harry Potter.
Michael Andreuzza
Tailwind And Next.js, it should take a couple of hours if you already have the design
Jennifer Fu
Bubble, Typedream...anything #nocode really
Leif Latiff
I would use for the landing page. Embed with Airtable form to collect interests. My quick idea as an example is a community group for "9-5 workers who want to eat healthy". 1. At the page, I'll start with a question based on my assumption like, "Is it hard for you to decide what to eat? Let alone a healthy one?", etc. 2. Then I'll put my mission statement, "We are a bunch of unfit 9-5 workers who faces the same problem like you and decided to teamed up to find an easy solution to our misery." 3. Then I'll put my roadmap statement, "It's an ongoing and collective effort, are you up for a challenge as well?". And the CTA button below. 4. Below that I'll put, "Did I mention it's a group effort? Everyone is accountable to the cause. So it's fair for everyone to pay a members-fee." Then put some rough numbers below. This is to separate "real players" from others.
John Peter
Use un generador de contenido de IA para ayudar a acelerar el proceso de creación de contenido, como qué decir en el sitio web, escribiéndolo de manera clara. En segundo lugar, obtenga un dominio --- Namecheap Me encanta Huntingfellow ( para la página de destino. En tercer lugar, cree el sitio web en HTML, use Mailchimp para el edificio enumerado (paquete gratuito)
Yohan Ubey
I would go for given the time constraint get it live. Then build on top of it.
Pritam Nanda
If you are launching on Product Hunt and want your landing page to be up in less than 24 hours, then I suggest you go with Product Hunt Ship. It provides an incredibly easy platform where anyone without the slightest knowledge of coding can get their landing page ready in hours. We are using Ship for our upcoming release - Findz. Here's the landing page
Sabahet Amjad
So, here’s a little story that I would like to share! I work for Mailmodo and we build interactive emails - which means we bring website-like, real-time experiences inside email inboxes. Exactly 24 hours ago, our founder, @aquibur got an idea. We decided to build a wordle-like game but within an email. Basically, instead of going to a webpage, you receive your daily wordle in your emails and you can play it there and then without visiting any extra link. Powered by AMP, Mailmodo can easily support this with a few custom logic. But we also needed a landing page to support this project. So, our design and copy team got together to build a landing page using Strapi. As for design and copy, our in-house teams wasted no time in coming up with some kickass stuff. Currently, Wordlemail is live and so is our landing page; and we built both of these in 24 hours straight. Here’s what the final page looks like -
David Kristianto is a right fit for this task. You can create an account in less than 60 seconds. Choose a landing page template you like, edit and publish. Your landing page comes with a free subdomain so can go live in minutes. If you need to collect leads, also has funnel building feature and email marketing capability. For analytics, provides you with detail traffic and conversion statistics so you can measure your performance. You can also do survey for customer feedback and set an appointment booking calendar with if you need them to book a call.
Avinash Bajaj
Since your question is not limited to tools, this is what I would do: 1. Spend 80% of my time crystallising the value I want to showcase on the landing page. What is it that I want people to take away and why does it matter? Start a Notion/Google doc and document all of this. 2. In the remaining 20%: - Buy domain on Namecheap - Go to Webflow and choose a suitable template with a form to collect emails to build a waitlist - Copy-paste the content I wrote in point 1 - If stock images are not going to work, whip up something easy in Canva - Publish to live - Spread the word on my LinkedIn and Twitter and start collecting emails for early interest
Andrei Petrik
Don't complicate the process. 1. Signup for a landing page builder. Plenty of them out there. 2. Use one of their templates 3. Swap out the copy and images. Write copy right onto the LP. 4. Connect your forms to CRM. Test it. 5. Add tracking. 6. Publish it. You can do all that in about 2hrs or less if you have all the assets ready. Provide more details about what you're trying to accomplish, what you have to work with, platforms, etc. and I can provide more details to the steps above.
Manoj Ranaweera
I thought you were talking about launching a tech startup in 24 hours. Why does a landing page take that long? Start to going live for was a few days. No landing page - couldn't see the point of it. But wish you all the best.