How we ran a successful Product Hunt Campaign πŸ₯‡

Jamie Gotz
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Hello folks πŸ‘‹ We launched Shepherd to the PH community a few weeks ago and were fortunate enough to get #1 Product of the Day. So we wanted to spread the love by sharing some of the things that might help your campaign πŸ‘‡


Solomon Bush
This is good advice - and congrats on 1st place. Bookmarking your medium post. How far in advanced did you start planning your launch?
Jamie Gotz
@solomon_bush Glad it's helpful! We probably started getting the video and campaign assets ready about 4-6 weeks ahead of the launch.
Solomon Bush
@jamie_gotz Okay that's good to know. I am planning to relaunch my product in May. I should start planning now!
Justin George
Well written article. If you are more interested on the numbers behind Product Hunt days, times etc..., do visit We are breaking down the trend behind Product Hunt activities. And I must say, our numbers back up your "Choose which day of the week you’re going to launch" claims.
@georgejustin22 Absolutely. I agree with this. One of the most important things is to determine what it is you're optimizing for (i.e. why launch your campaign). Great article!
Jamie Gotz
@georgejustin22 Definitely worth thinking carefully about the day for launch. Will take a look at some of your findings too :)
John Smith
Thanks for sharing.
Brian Nutt
Thank you for sharing. We have been building our product for the last few months and have finally set a launch date of 5/2/22 to give us time to create a strong launch. Please follow along with our upcoming product page Any feedback you have would be great. Cheers!
NIsham Mahsin
Thanks .really good advice I am planning to launch my product very soon