How we aced our Product Hunt launch 😻

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Hey everyone 👋, since our launch here I’ve received 100s of twitter DMs and emails from founders, indie hackers and product nerds on how we managed to get #1 product of the day, week and month for SigmaOS’s launch ( So decided to show everyone how they could do it as well 👇🏻


Paul VanZandt
Thanks for the guide Mahyad, I found it super helpful. As a team that's planning on launching this month, I think one of our biggest challenges is creating a community of people to secure upvotes. Are there any strategies besides joining/interacting with communities that you found helpful?
@paul_vanzandt Well one strategy that worked really well for us but also needs a bit more time to mature is building your own community with your product’s users. Building with your users will help you a lot, but also gives the users a sense of being involved in a meaningful way and they’ll be there to upvote you when you launch ☺️
Paul VanZandt
@mahyad That's smart - those users will definitely be very involved!
Dapeng Ni
Thank you for this!
Samir Moussa
Well done! I know we took a few golden tips from you guys 😉