How to realistically measure product impact (savings, speed, 10X stuff etc) before you've launched?

Areeb Mianoor
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Hi Everyone, I'm facing a tough situation in terms of showcasing the value of benefits my product can provide, before the product has launched (set for private beta launch in Feb). Here's the specific situation: We believe our product can save a company about $25000+ per full time employee. This figure comes from us making estimations of how our platform and it's unique approach to talent validation, matchmaking, communication, and showcasing, reduces the top cost driving factors in the current common enterprise hiring practices. We estimate that we can reduce multiple costs commonly linked to this practices (includes cost of job posting, HR staff time costs, interview and vetting time costs, cost of churn, cost of missed work, cost of time to effectiveness, and the cost of employee churn). When I do in person calls with HR folks who commonly measure these costs and understand the solution, they sign up as the calculations make sense to them. But in general I haven't ever publicly posted them because they're still estimates as our product hasn't launched yet. So naturally, my concern is that I'd like to share this (in a sales/Marketing style) and use this to attract more HR folks to hop on a call and learn more about the product. However, I haven't done this yet as I'm not sure if that's okay (legally and ethically) even though I dont think it should be a problem as we are not promising anything. We are simply making estimates of what our product could do for our future customers and asking people to connect if they are interested. Would love your thoughts on this. Should we post and share more or keep this as a private in-person only part of our communication pre-launch. Thanks!
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