How to pitch a hunter ?

Divya Rajendran
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Hey guys, How to approach a hunter when you launch your product first time? Thanks:)


Fabian Maume
Founder of is a nice place to find relevant hunter. Select hunters in relevant topic for you and contact them over LinkedIn.
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
@fabian_maume Hey, didn't know about this. Thank you Fabian!
Divya Rajendran
SaaS Marketing Consultant
@fabian_maume Thank you! cool statistics 🤩
Pradeep Kumar M
Senior SEO Specialist at Picmaker
@divya_rajendran all the hunters are more active on Twitter, its a better platform to reach out to them
Divya Rajendran
SaaS Marketing Consultant
@pradeep_kumar_m Thanks, glad to know 🤝🏻