How to make a good newsletter/emailing campaign

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We’re launching our products and we’re starting to do a lot of campaigns to build awareness and necessarily to acquire customers. And I realize that to get customers on emailing, it’s not always obvious despite a certain opening rate. Do you have any tips to share?


Anjali Apeksha
If you are using the intercome, then you can set popups, chats, and email sequences for the product launch.
Rucha Joshi
Marketing is quite challenging. You can try getting to know Reddit communities, set -up a sign up sheet for the newsletter. Depending on your product the channels you look for will have to vary. Linkedin pages and Facebook groups can also have potential customers for you
@rucha_joshi8 thank you, we looking for the heart of our community so we test some type of message to target the good one :)
Samira Akhlaqi
Choose an email newsletter tool. Figure out your newsletter's goal. Choose a template and gather your content. Personalize your template. Set your email newsletter size lowes employee portal
Build a calendar mailing plan; segment contact list; personalize emails Personally, I like using MailChimp
Make sure the things you write & the things you say add value to your readers/ potential customers. No matter how good design or precise your newsletter or email campaign is, if it isn't adding value or exciting your readers, it is bound to fail.