How to launch as a solopreneur? Does Everything need to be perfect?

Abhay Vishnoi
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How one can really launch his SAAS as a solopreneur ? And does everthing needs to be perfect from start or once SAAS is up and running we can hire devs and team to make it perfect


Mochammad Syafii
Looking forward to other folks' though on this one.
@mochammad_syafii you can launch as a solopreneur and automate a lot of the work you do, like using an advanced chatbot for your support system to reduce the workload, creating a sale funnel that is almost set and forget (transactional emails, cart abandonment automatic reminders etc.)
Abhay Vishnoi
@mochammad_syafii @conversionspree thanks for suggestion now will surely learn more about these things
David Ronan
I'm in a similar boat. I'm going to launch soon, so have recently flipped to doing the marketing side of things. I wanted to go nuts initially and build a fancy React app (would need to learn React), but I've settled for a simple flask app that provides immediate value, which is the most important thing I think. I'm waiting to hear what my users want before I start building anything fancy. However, I am worried when I do properly launch I'm going to be swamped with user requests and support etc. Should I raise money and hire someone, probably? However, I want to get decent traction first.
@daveronan that traction is key to finding an investor that will invest. Most investors won't fund your idea if it has no traction unless it's really a groundbreaking idea worth funding inevitably like the VCs in Ycombinator do. But good luck!
Abhay Vishnoi
@daveronan same i am relying on flask and i know react on beginners levels so i am going with pure js for now and i need to learn about scaling too.
Fabian Maume
There isn't such a thing as perfection. Even with a full team being you, your product will never be perfect. Do be worry to push something which isn't 100% ready. Ask for feedback and test the market. An open roadmap tool like FeedBear can help you a lot to prioritise feedbacks.
Terrell Green
I feel like perfection is ultimately an allusion. Try your best, your only a human.
Used to think that everything must be in perfect order but it sometimes become a pathway to procrastination. Just go with the things when you feel like they're "good enough".
Abhay Vishnoi
@realdesigntack yeah after coming halfway things seem to become complicated and procrastination starts rising but i am going to complete it no matter what