How to increase your followers on Product Hunt?

Elena Cirera
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I think that by being totally involved in product hunt at the level of conversations, stories and giving support to startups that we think are relevant we increase our community. It’s really a communication job after all
Elena Cirera
@enola_vedovotto I am agreed that communication is a key to social interaction and community building.
Abraham Samma
@enola_vedovotto Bingo! Spot on. Seen a massive rise in followers in the last several days from doing just that.
Donald Otieno
@enola_vedovotto True 100%, Getting involved = getting seen = engagement and or followers eventually.
Being engaged with the PH community, there are so many great minds and ideas on the platform. Would love to hear your input @elena_cirera , what are some of your tips? you're doing a great job engaging and bringing forward interesting discussions :)
Elena Cirera
@jennifer00 Thank you very much for your appreciation; looking forward to closer networking for mutual benefits.
Shivi Jalota
I guess just build relationships with makers. Spend 15 min of your day going through the new products and post valuable feedback :)
Elena Cirera
@shivi_jalota Thanks for sharing your feedback, but I think 15 minutes are less for this activity.
Shivi Jalota
@elena_cirera Time depends on you but I guess if you are a beginner start slow - 15-20 min would work:)
Olivia Watson
I believe that by fully engaging with Product Hunt from a perspective of discussions, stories and giving support to startups that we deem relevant, our community grows. This is a communication-based role, after all.
Elena Cirera
@olivia_watson2 Community building is always based on mutual benefits.
Emma Foster
Product Hunt has been involved with startups by conversing with them, telling stories about them, and providing support to them. It’s really a communication job after all.
Elena Cirera
@emma_foster Yes, Product Hunt is an excellent platform for initial support to startups.
Roman Vorozhtsov
I think: do something interesting and write about it.
Fabian Maume
The best is to be active in product hunt discussions. It will show your expertise and slowly build up your follower base. You can also try to follow some people some of them will follow back.
Elena Cirera
@fabian_maume Agreed, I have personally observed that engagement in discussion is constructive to increase your followers.
Hussain Effendi
I guess the number of followers would not matter as much as the quality of followers. I find this place to be the best platform in the sense of networking with like-minded people. There are so many accounts here that simply don't get that and generally follow you to get followed back (viz sad). Just my opinion about using PH. Do correct me if I'm wrong @5harath
Elena Cirera
@5harath @heffendi My thought is a little different. I think Product Hunt is not like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, where people come for so many followers. For me, Product Hunt is like LinkedIn, where people come to achieve professional goals.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Hey! I think quality definitely soars over quantity when it comes to increasing followers on Product Hunt. One may spend hours on this platform, engage with every single product, take part in all discussions- but if their thoughts are not adding value to the community, it will be merely spamming the platform. Giving honest, genuine opinions will make people want to stay connected to you :)
Umana Rafiq
I think to get invested in the product hunt community. Help them find solutions with what you know better. Boast interesting discussions just like you doing :)
Elena Cirera
@umana_rafiq Community engagement definitely helps in expanding social networks.
Rajiv Verma
Spending a small amount of time here, but consistently, could changes things for good :-)
Elena Cirera
@hackernewbie Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Rajiv Verma
@elena_cirera Cheers and good luck Elena :-)
Jayendra Gaonkar
looking around to read more on this..
Jhon Albert
Post in as many discussions as you can to gain more followers, and get more organic traffic to your profile.
Elena Cirera
@jhonaa Yes, it is very helpful!
Saqib Ali
Just like on any social media, one needs to engage as much as possible on Product Hunt if they want to build some connections. Indulge in conversations, provide value via your comments and discussions, and most importantly, stay genuine.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Thanks for sharing a helpful comment
Pradeep Kumar M
always engaging with the community and supporting other products that are launching daily.
Elena Cirera
@pradeep_kumar_m Yes, community engagement increases followers.
Andrew C.
Engage with the community. Put your thoughts out there. Dont feel shy to engage and have an opinion. Stay consistent doing all of the above and you will see things will keep getting easier as you continue growing.
Elena Cirera
@andrewcanday Appreciate your participation
Ramon Devils
I suggest you that you spent more time and fully engaging with Product Hunt from a perspective of discussions, stories and giving support to startups that we deem relevant, our community grows. Share something new and interesting.
Answer questions and help people. Easy really.
Carsten Pleiser
I think the best way to increase followers is to create in-depth discussions, provide valuable tips and just be who you are. Don't sell or pitch!
Ruben Lozano
Hello Elena, Product Hunt is a well-known community between founders and startup professionals. In order to get followers, you must be a leader in some areas where those users want to follow, want to know what you do, what you comment or what you share. Why will I follow someone? Because that person is sharing valuable and curated information because I want to learn from that person because I want to work with that startup because I want to collaborate in some project because I want to have in my network because we are in the same industry. Then, in order to be a leader in the area you want to develop you must: - Create discussions about your topic. - Comment on discussions about your topic. - Create collections. - Try, comment and upvote launches. - Check upcoming pages and subscribe. - Write stories in Product Hunt (top). - Become an ambassador. - Share content on your social media pointing to content on Product Hunt. - Follow users that you want to engage. I expect with these ideas you could increase the followers on Product Hunt. Cheers,