How to handle negative reviews on your product?

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Andrew Kpyto
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It depends on where is review published
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Classifying the intention behind the bad review is always the first step one should take. Some reviews are only posted with the intention of bringing the reputation down and you can't do much about it, rather than exposing them by asking specific details and issues and offering resolution. Don't think about deleting these, they may come back to haunt you again. The other set is probably posted by folks who actually faced some real issues with your product /service. With these folks, you have to be very empathetic. Identifying them is easy as they will talk about specific problems and would support the claim by providing additional info. Offer them support and resolve the issues at the earliest. Reach back to them and update them that their issue is solved. Once the issue is solved, you can request them to revise their review. If you can resolve one bad review and turn it into positive feedback, that's your win. Bad reviews present you with an opportunity to showcase your support to the user. Issues are faced with all products and services, but if the resolution is quick, friendly, and properly, you would be perceived as a brand that believes in setting things right and going extra mile to help your users. Sometimes humor could be a great way to deal with them but it's always risky. Humor for one could be arrogance for another.
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Take the Appropriate Action to Correct the Issue & Show That to the Customer.
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Some good food for thought... might be helpful... Don't Hide Negative Online Reviews Like a Dirty Little Secret... :) How to turn your negative online reviews into marketing gold and 16 ways to use negative reviews to your advantage...
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The best way to do that is to get in touch with the aggrieved customer and arrive at the best possible solution to their problem. Just never let them walk away with that sentiment of grief.
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You'll need to actually listen. Make sure you're getting notified of urgent reviews. From there, if you're quick, a good reply can easily override a bad review and show that you're quick to help and solve customer issues. If the customer is bringing up valid points, track and aggregate those questions and concerns so that the product and customer success teams know how they can improve or where to reshuffle their energy and priorities.
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If constructive, the negative should be addressed, and either provide an alternative solution, or a motive of why you will/won't be fixing it over an X days/weeks/months timeline If purposefully negative / rude / or unconstructive and no value can be taken from it by you, your team, or a prospective customer, provide some sort of solution, stay friendly, and wish them the best