 How to get “Product of the Week” Badge

Inna Proshkina
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I wonder if products launched at the beginning of the week have higher chances to get “Product of the week” as they have more days to get upvotes than those launched at the end of the week. Do you know when exactly the week starts? Sunday 12am PST? 🔥 We launched today: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please check it out and share your feedback! Thanks in advance for your support! ❤️


Svetlana S
I have the same question..
Roberto Robles
That's an interesting question 🤔 Unless it is based on the upvotes they got on launch day only
Kyle Frost
To answer your question, "technically" yes, but in practice, no. The 'Product of the Week' runs from Monday --> Sunday, but we don't really see products posted earlier being the POW more often. There's a pretty sharp drop-off of upvote engagement after launch day, regardless of when you post.
Inna Proshkina
@kylefrost Thanks for your response. It makes perfect sense.
Ruben Wolff
I think people also connect less on Product Hunt from Friday (or Saturday?) to Sunday. But another external factor to take into consideration is that on your launch day, other big products can be launched and eclipse yours if it's not at the very top of the page (not everyone has a look to the entirety of launches). So focus on the one thing you can actually control: make a great product and present it well :)
Inna Proshkina
@rubenwolff Thanks for shring your thoughts. Agree, still some makers launch their products at weekends. Maybe exactly because they want to avoid strong competition.
Vadym Shcherbakov
This interests me too. In fact, I'm interested in ProductHunt algorithms, because it is not obvious for why there could be a case, when a product with 300+ votes and 100+ comments can be ranked lower than the product with 100+ votes and 20+ comments
Inna Proshkina
@vadim_shcherbakov Good point, I've noticed that too!
Deepak Yadav
@vadim_shcherbakov Exactly. I am interested to know that algorithm. Maybe user point is collectively counted as a whole. So upvote users with less points or new users account to low ranking.
Pallavi Khanna
@vadim_shcherbakov I think it's because newer/ inactive account upvotes are not counted and that is reflected in the ranking of the product. Not very sure about this. I would love to understand this better.
Vadim Kravcenko
@vadim_shcherbakov I don't think it's worth disclosing the algorithms behind sorting, otherwise people will start abusing.
Vadym Shcherbakov
@vadim_kravcenko Yes, but anyway there should be some transparency, as it feels very unfair when you tried your best, asked all of your friends, colleagues, partners, family to sign up to ProductHunt and support your product, gather a lot of votes and is not able to win the product with much less votes than yours.
Jerry L. Tran
If you find answer do share with me.
Deepak Yadav
I guess product ranking depends on, 1. 7 day window of each product 2. No. of total points scored based on user upvotes with no of ph points 3. Product falls under list of the closest week to its launch Thats my view, i would love to see if someone has solid guess
Inna Proshkina
We can only guess. I was hoping that someone from PH team would comment, but it seems they are not going to unveil the secrect.
Sergio Sergio
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David Rodgers
Is the product of the week is #1 product of each day or those the most upvoted during the week?
Anton Ross
If you have an army of fans, then you can get into the product of the week and in a couple of days
robert wadraa
I think people are also connecting less on Product Search from Friday (or Saturday?) To Sunday. But another external factor to consider is that other great products can be launched on launch day and shaded if it's not at the top of the page. https://thaumcraft.net/ https://galacticraft.co/
robert wadraa
2. Total points obtained based on the positive votes of users without pH points 3. The product is listed for the week closest to launch