How to get earlier adopters for a product before launching on PH?

Tony Yan
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Hi, All, By my understanding, to get better feedback, a product should be of high quality if we want to launch on PH. So we need to get some earlier adopters before launching. We can invite some of our friends to try our product. So is there a good way to find some earlier adopters we do not know so that we can get feedback from strangers? Thanks and Regards, Tony


Neri Raanani
I think you should locate where your target audience is (for example: Facebook groups, Reddit, other communities) and offer your tool for free. Use those first adapters to get honest feedback, recommendations and requests. Good luck!
Nabeel Amir
Here are some of the ways you can use to find early adopters for your product. 1)Post on Quora 2)Give Offers to early adopters in Relevant Communities 3)Reach Out to Your Existing Network 4)Submit Your Product on Beta Testing Websites and Platforms 5)Work on Your PR Strategies 6)Use a referral program 7)Facebook Groups 8)Email Lists 9)Post on Reddit
Ben Bohbot
You can also write blogs and publish them on some famous platform (Reddit, Facebook groups) or in your app, asking for feedback on your product.