How To Get an Internship With No Experience?

Ignacio Carmona
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Daniel Leal
That is kinda the goal of an internship, to teach people when they have no experience.
Mikhail Aksenov
The best way is just keep trying You will probably get a lot of refusals during your first search. You should not give up and should keep trying Other tips: 1. Let your friends know that you are looking for an internship 2. Send mails to companies that you are interested in, maybe they have intern positions 3. Use job-search resources to find an intern position, make a CV (you can write that you are looking for an internship in CV) and apply to every position you might be interested in.
Hussain Effendi
Just apply to start-ups!!! Good startups are always looking at young people that are enthusiastic and have the zeal to learn and grow along with them :)
Manoj Ranaweera
Hi @igncarmona If you are over 18, join All you need is - Attitude - Commitment - Deliver - Internet access with a computer Take a look at my own team Veenath is just 18 yrs old. He joined us when A/L exams were postponed. His friends were studying and playing games. Instead of playing games (nothing wrong with it), he joined us to gain experince. And he has never worked before. I'm happy to give an opportunity to anyone. But you need to deliver whatever you agreed. And you can learn while doing. Thanks @maxwellcdavis for remembering us.
Elena Cirera
Most internships do not require any specific job experience; you just need to apply for a good load of opportunities. Some good organizations also offer internship programs that exclusively require fresh graduates or even under-grads. Keep on looking and applying; hopefully, you will find a good opportunity. A pro tip would be staying focused and building around that career niche you really believe in and aspire for.
Ignacio Carmona
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