How to find 'niche' Telegram/Facebook groups? Need help!

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Hey PH fam, I'm searching for a platform, bot, or anything that can help me to discover Telegram/Facebook groups related to a particular niche - like 'environment' or 'art' or 'finance'? If you have any such tool in mind, please share :)


Oliver Klingefjord
Suprised that there isn't such a service... Hold my beer ;)
@klingfjord will be super helpful if you could share something :)
Fabian Maume
I have a script for Facebook groups. Do you have a list of keywords that you wish to target?
@fabian_maume awesome! DMing you on Twitter :)
Fabian Maume
@goforbg Please send me a list of keywords here or on LinkedIn?
You can find on google may be. DMV Now
Violet Summer
For Web3, the telegram search function is super helpful. a lot of groups are searchable!