How to find instagram bloggers for collaborations?

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Hey hunters! Hope you are having a productive beginning of the week! I believe that cooperating with bloggers is an effective way to advertise a product as people trust bloggers they follow. The most important and difficult element is to find the right influencer for promoting a product. Do you use collaboration with bloggers as a part of your marketing? What search methods do you usually use? How do you choose them?


Hey Daria, When you have some time on your hand, a good place to start your search is by looking at the social media feeds of companies that are similar to yours (price, offering, identity, location) and see if they have worked with influencers. From these influencers' accounts you will find countless others. If you are a little short on time, there are numerous influencers agencies and databases that help you connect to influencers for a fee. I choose them first on the quality of their content and their engagement (making sure they represent the same persona as my targeted clientele), second on their fee and offering. What are your thoughts?
@jennifer00 Thank you a lot for sharing! I think finding similar companies' promotions could be really helpful!
Would be nice to have a platform to find influencers and bloggers, that you can filter through. Right now, it's highly manual work to find someone useful for your niche. Most of the people who advertise themselves on freelancer networks aren't really useful or genuine, so it comes down to searching for yourself or paying an agency to do that for you.
@stelian_dobrescu1 Yeah, it usually takes me a lot of time to find a relevant blogger on Instagram!
Raju Sivaram
Instagram bloggers are the easiest way to promote and they actually drive valuable info to the targetted audience. I would look at latest posts on that hash tags.