How to find a good hunter on Product Hunt?

Elena Cirera
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Cary Grant
Connect more friends to find the best. dinosaur game
Maciej Cupial
a good hunter doesn't mean success on launch :)
Rucha Joshi
I don't think having a hunter necessarily means a successful launch. But if you do want to find them, I think email is better than approaching them on social media. Higher likely hood of them replying to you.
Carsten Pleiser
Just ask in Telegram groups or on Twitter. But honestly, I don't think having a top hunter makes a huge difference anymore.
Jakub Piskor
I like this list of top 100 hunters: You can filter them by votes, hunts and followers.
Mohsen Kamrani
Apparently it doesn't make any difference. I know this is not the answer you're looking for, just hope it can help.