How to engage a community of professionals?

Vivek Vardhan
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I have been running a slack channel for a month now where growth and enthusiasm are good among founding members. Being small helps as everyone knows everyone. But moving ahead what shall I do to keep signals high and noises low. I wish the community to be moderately engaged. Any other tips regarding community management is welcome. Thanks, V


Maxwell Davis
You might have some ideas @tiagorbf
@maxwellcdavis @marketing_baba My only tip here is to make it a payed community because that way there is a natural filter to make sure that your members are not spammers and are engaged
Vivek Vardhan
@maxwellcdavis @tiagorbf Thanks for answering. One follow back Q, Why will anyone pay if the idea is networking? I think you need an additional value to make a paid community successful. Much like and
Siena Romes
We use chat rooms like RumbleTalk to connect with each other. Currently, we're having fun with polls so we use that a lot for engagement. This is also a good tool to know what your community likes as you can ask them community-related questions and get feedback.
Renly Borris
I am following the discussion to get the tips. ✌
Nabeel Amir
Focus on engaging and building a community around your expertise. To engage a community of professionals, discuss what will spark their interest, and create new content that provides value to them. Over time, they will start engaging with you and each other.
Vivek Vardhan
@nabeel_amir Yes, i am doing something similar but still trying to find the sweet spot for high signal and less noise. Thanks for the comment though. Cheers.