How to build an effective website to attract early adopters?

Victor Zhang
2 replies
Hi PH, I started my side project 6 months ago. After developing for 6 months, I feel confident it is ready for some beta users. I would very much appreciate any contributing critics on my WIP website: A bit intro to my project: I started with the idea of connecting all web-based apps and content in a canvas app. Two core features of my app: 1. you can put a browser tab on a canvas; 2. you can move data really easily cross-app. The primary and secondary titles of the website: Primary: Get Your Work Flowing Secondary: Streamline your cross-app workflow in a visual space.


They’re the first in line and are often prepared to wait around for hours just to get a hold of the product they want. When it comes to purchase decisions, innovators are self-confident. They purchase a product because they want to, and are less likely to be influenced by the opinion of others. myccpay
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