How to be a great internet writer???

Shivi Jalota
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- Understand psychology - Consume good content - Practice writing daily - Understand format - Cut 30% of words - Ask for feedback - Experiment often - Get to the point - Review data - Iterate What's your best writing tip?


Vanshika Chaturvedi
I think taking feedback is a very underrated tip. We often refrain from taking feedback from the people around us thinking, "What do these noobs know about internet writing?" But it is, in fact, these "noobs" who we are writing for! That is why you ABSOLUTELY need to take feedback from non-writers so that you can get a review from a reader's point of view!
Mike McMinn
Pay someone else if it's not your forte is my advice. For sure you can learn but have you considered where your real strengths lie.?
"Cut 30% of words" ... or 70% 😅
Srishty Chaudhary
Be simple and put yourself in the shoes of readers. This way you can write well because you will see what people will understand and what not.
David Mathews
Truth be told, these "noobs" who we are composing for! For that reason you ABSOLUTELY need to take input from non-writers so you can get a survey according to a peruser's perspective! thejetsetwriter your record which is incredibly limited and can't resist the urge to ponder why you are charging a high cost for someone who has essentially zero knowledge. You might be a cultivated writer anyway as a freelance writer you have no arrangement of encounters
Billie Rogers
If you write for a living, you'll put in the effort; you'll do what's right, not what's profitable. And one of the smartest economic decisions you can make is to begin investing at an early age. You can find more info on Start Investing In College: A Guide To The Stock Market on this website. When you write because you are compelled, driven, and unable to do anything else, you know you are a writer.