How to approach why people do and don't convert on your website?

Lukas Haensch
2 replies
Products, tools, guides, processes, etc... I'd love to hear what people consider the best way to answer why people don't convert!


David Gregorian
Co-Founder of Aplano
Hi Lukas, there are a few things you can do: 1. Use something like Hotjar and watch how your users interact with your website. This will give you a feeling about what parts of your site are relevant and which parts are being skipped. (The heatmap feature can also be really helpful.) 2. You could ask your converting customers about some feedback/input 3. If you got a lot of traffic, you could create multiple versions of your landingpages and A/B Tes them against each other. Good luck! -David
Sarah Bond
Marketing Strategy @ Lucky Orange
Hey Lukas - This is something we help customers with every day at Lucky Orange. We're a website conversion rate optimization SaaS that helps you see exactly what people are doing on your website so you can find new ways to improve your conversion rates. We've got some great resources on our blog that you might find helpful: - Becoming a top conversion rate optimization expert (Resource library with links to other articles) - 5 real-world conversion optimization questions answered Hope these help!