How to appear on "Popular upcoming products"?

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I see many products there, but can't find a trend on how to appear there? Also, those upcoming pages are really hard to find out! I see mine is available on my profile right sidebar, but that's the only way to find back my upcoming page! Maybe I've done something wrong?...


Ken Savage
It's mostly based on time. Typically the newest products show up first. People import their subscribers into ship and that inflates the active subscribers.
@kensavage I was wondering about the impact of imports, as some popular ones have like 20 followers, when some others have thousands...
Matthew Johnson
Those are for paid Ship users. One of the perks of a paid plan is you get featured as an upcoming product. However, from my experience, this led to very few quality leads. Lots of spam accounts signed up, and most real people who did weren't all that interested in the product.
@mattcrail Hi, thanks a lot for the feedback! I was thinking about going for a paid plan... Might reconsider that ^^
Paul VanZandt
I think it involves utilizing the paid ship pages, but I've heard very mixed reviews of them. I personally went with the free version and overall the quality of leads was mediocre. If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
You have to pay a pro plan, then go to your upcoming page and turn on promotion. The PH team will review it and publish you in "popular upcoming products". Then it's latest first, which means day by day, you'll go down the list.
@salooncloud exactly thanks! We did it this week and it worked, we're featured 😻
Parıltı Erkan ✨
@salooncloud @benoit_collet It was informative thanks, so isn't it possible to be showing up on the "popular upcoming page" unless we pay to a pro plan right?
Parıltı Erkan ✨
You should also have a pro-plan and edit your setting as open to promote a product. If you are interested, here is our product, you can subscribe to it :)