How much of the content you use in marketing is user-generated content?

Erica Y
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User-generated content is becoming increasingly popular. I'm curious to hear how much people on PH use it in their marketing. How much would you like the % to ideally be? What type of UGC has been the most effective so far? πŸ€”


Johannes Karjula
Good question! Unfortunately, max 10%.
Erica Y
@karjula What has worked the best so far: Testimonials, photos, video testimonials, social shares?
Johannes Karjula
@eeri2 everything related to social proof (feedback, comments, photos, social media likes) works fine.
Saqib Ali
I believe there should be a 50-50 balance between your general content and UGC. General content is for product/service awareness and demand generation. However, UGC plays a big role in the credibility of your business.
The trend is heavily weighted on UGC at the moment. No matter the platform/medium, anything we run is always at least half UGC. Whether that comes organically, incentivized via offering coupons for video reviews, influencers, or hired 'tiktokers', people love UGC and you must use that to your advantage as heavily as possible (without seeming forced obviously)
Anthony Carron
I answered this way because my business is related to design, but sometimes I do it myself on the site
Talia Bender
Hi @eeri2 ! Right now, we mainly repost UGC on Twitter and LinkedIn, but we are interested in also posting UGC blogs and hopefully videos as well. @stefani_kovachevska interesting to see the amount of UGC others implement πŸ‘€