How much do the teams within your organization interact with each other?

Zoon Zookla
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Do you think interaction between teams is required? Talking about different pods here. For e.g. interaction between two teams looking into entirely two separate products or web vs mobile team.


Qudsia Ali
Team interaction and engagement are vital. It strengthens a company's culture and promotes teamwork and growth. We have In-house games and keep arranging other interactive activities to boost interactivity and teamwork.
Zoon Zookla
@qudsia_ali I have observed that in a medium to large org, teams don't talk to each other or know each other really. Was wondering if structured gamification resulting in better interaction across teams through a product/app would fly at all.
Avital Trifsik
we have an open space where all teams are working together, we are a small crew so for now it works and actually really helpful for each other :)
Bhavna Singh
We are a small team of 20 smart people and the interaction between the team members is quite good now, we organized a workshop few weeks back, it was more kind of team activity and it resulted very fruitful. To keep the interaction and motivation among the team members these kind of team activities become vital part of your organization building.