How many separate products do you use for your daily work?

Petteri Puumala
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New products are constantly being launched. Some will replace the previous one, some will complement the previous ones and some will combine and replace several previous ones. So it would be interesting to know how many products you already use in your daily work?


Kim Salmi
A lot. Developing: vscode, git, github, node, yarn, react, postgres, dynamodb, sentry, a lot of aws products, .. should we calculate npm packages? :) Planning: jira, confluence, whimsical, figma, .. Communication: slack, google meet, google calendar, whatsapp, signal, linkedin, telegram.. Notes: atom, markdown, notion, apple notes, .. Misc: spotify, chrome, firefox, safari, iterm2, ..
Peter Griscom
I live in Slack and Motion - streamlined all my CRM activities into one platform.
Daniel Illenberger
Countless, its getting hard to track. Every small step requires a new product or solution.
Erica Y
Waaaaay too many. It'd be great to know exactly how much of my day is spent on going from one product to another....
Erica Y
@alexandra_kazakova2 If you find a great solution, feel free to share (=please tell me immediately if you find a way to solve this)
Alexandra Kazakova
@eeri2 I use an app called Time Out that forces me to take breaks. This app (if you give it permissions) records your activity and apps you use. You can later look at the report and see which apps you used on what day. Of course if you are using certain products in browser, you won't see them in the report. But I have an app for most of my frequently used products (Airtable, Trello, Figma, Email, Slack, etc.)
Erica Y
@alexandra_kazakova2 thanks! Will definitely look into this!
Kim Salmi
@alexandra_kazakova2 @eeri2 you should checkout RescueTime + their browser plugin, it will track everything you spend time on. Probably almost same as Time Out but also tracking inside of your browser.
Eldar Mustafin
It seems that with such options it's better to ask how many different devices we use in our daily work. :)
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
There are products that could bring your different experiences in one place/interface. If you use a lot of tools and you want to save time and nerves better look for a solution like that.
Kim Salmi
@bogomep I think a good example is Emacs where you can do almost anything in and thats why its so powerful.
I use GoStartup, just launched and contains channels & chats, task management, and a team calendar. Pretty much all the essentials I need for day-to-day work are in there, so no big need to use others
Anu Varila
Way too hard to calculate :D I think there are about 20 tools in constant daily use.
If we're only talking about apps opened on my Mac and specifically for work: VSCode, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, SourceTree, TablePlus, ForkLift, Helo, Teams But if we drill into web apps, or even frameworks / libraries, definitely more than 9 😅
Stefani Kovachevska
Too many! At least 7 on a regular basis, and then, even more, every 3-4 days. We're trying to centralize our processes within tools, however, as a young startup, balancing between getting work done and setting up processes and workflows can get challenging.
Pritam Nanda
With so many tools, it's hard to keep a count! Some of the most used apps have to be Slack, Photoshop and Findz. We are launching Findz soon but it's featured on the upcoming products page. Findz is a social bookmarking tool that helps you collect bookmarks to plan trips, parties and shopping by collaborating with friends, family and colleagues. I would love it if you could check it out and let me know what you feel. Thanks
Ana Dodig
I try not to use too many and stick to four on a regular basis, if I want to be more productive and focused on work. Clockify for time-tracking, Pumble for communication with team, Google drive for documentation and Trello or Jira for planning. Keep it simple. That's my outcome goal.
The most needed product in my work is a good internet connection) So what? Without a good high-speed Internet, none of their features will work. So to avoid internet problems I use broadband, which on usave very great. Broadband combines fast internet access with high data rates.
Mirton Bay
That's impossible to count but definitely 9+
Achal Kothari
Definitely 9+ 2-3 products for productivity like Todoist, notion, Trello Social Networks like LinkedIn Office communication: Slack, Google Meet, Zoom Doc tools like Google docs, slides, sheets Calendar, Then off course YouTube, Gaana, Spotify