How many meetings do you have per day? How do you prepare for them?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey, hunters! A couple of weeks ago, our team interviewed Nim from Amy. We discussed the importance of business interactions, and he told me he has around ten (10!) meetings a day, 8 being with new people. How many do you have? Nim says it's essential to personalise these interactions since people make purchasing decisions because of the person more than the product. So, how do you prepare for these meetings? Here's the link to the interview, in case you're interested:


Nathan Luke
On a hectic day, it goes to 7-8. Otherwise 2 per day.
Donald Dude
It is like my whole day is consumed by meeting with employees and clients.
Nabeel Amir
It's essential to do some preparation before the meeting. This can potentially save a lot of time. I have around 3 to 5 meetings per day, most of them with potential clients, so to be ready to discuss everything in great detail, I mostly plan my meetings ahead of time and do the all required homework.