How many languages do you speak?

Tymofii Bondurianskyi
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Andrew Glenn
I speak English reasonably well. I studied Russian for years in university, but it's a bit rusty now. My German is good enough that I can talk to people and understand most of what's being said. I've studied a few others over the years, but never enough that I'll include them here...
Veronika Vinichenko
3, but I plan to learn French and Thai too :)
Qudsia Ali
I know five different languages, including English and german. I can fluently speak four languages. I can read the 5th language but can't speak it fluently.
Martina Hackbartt
Speak fluently: 2 (English and Spanish). Understand and formulate some sentences: French and German
Umer Jamil
I can speak 3 languages confidently.
john higgins
I can speak 3 languages and wanna to learn more click over here you can get more languages to learn and speak frequently