How Many Interviews Should It Take To Hire Someone?

Mariam Malkhasian
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How Many Interviews Should It Take To Hire Someone?
1 - 2 Interviews
3 - 5 Interviews
6+ Interviews


Rajat Dangi 🛠️
Our process is: 1. Introduction round 2. Live or offline assignment (not an interview) 3. Technical / Domain knowledge round + Culture fit. So just two interviews. Bur more crucial roles might need 3-4 rounds.
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
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Hey Mariam, How come you're asking this question? I think the answer depends on what you are hiring for... like hiring someone to help you move vs. to develop your marketing strategy. For any successful hire, there is only two things I need to know: 1) "Can the person do the job?" - this we figure out in the following way: a) by asking "go/no-go" questions in our pre-screening application process to determine who we are going to spend more time with b) by looking at their resume/CV on what they have done and how that fits with our requirements and c) by having the subject matter experts on our team meet the candidates to ensure they have the background to be successful 2) "Will this person be a good collaboration partner for the existing team members and be satisfied to work with for the long-term?" - this we figure out: a) by assess the interpersonal with the relevant team members and b) by assessing values alignment to the environment If there is something specific you want help hiring for, feel free to reach out. Best, Minal
Eudald Camprubi
CEO at
Our process: 1. Non technical meeting to understand if the candidate fits in company's culture. 2. Technical call, ending with a test. 3. Technical call to present the test in front of all the team. 4. Non technical call with our returns and offer presentation in case the candidate is a good fit.