How many hours a week do you spend in online meetings? (Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams etc)

Daniel Engels
7 replies
And which of these video conference platforms do you use in your organization?


Utku Uzun
I have different meetings with my co-workers from sales, product, social media and marketing departments. Sometimes I feel like I don't work, just attend the meetings :D
Saif Ullah Khalid
I do meetings with my team lead on Google Meet and it is like 1 hour per day.
Gurpinder Singh
About 1-3 hours on Google Meets.
Daniel Engels
I typically have 1 to 3 hours of online meetings. (Mostly Google Meet, but also Zoom for some external meetings).
Sergul Sungur
Everyday I have to attend at least 1 meeting.
zhuxi chu
Does anyone use Dingtalk?