How many emails is too many?

Zack Cronin
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Let's get real. When you sign up (voluntarily) for a newsletter. How often do you want to get it?
2x a week
Once a week


Dawn Veltri
It depends on the company and the value being provided. I have some companies that send me a daily email and I happily receive it. Those are usually short bites of easily digestible content. If you send me a book every day, I am not going to read it. If you are trying to sell me something every day, I am not going to read it. If your emails are only ever trying to sell me something, I probably won't read them. But if you have great tips, insights, how-tos, great stories and I find value in it 80% of the time I am ok with whatever frequency you provide. I typically recommend that people send at the frequency that they can consistently provide value at. To stay top of mind, you need to be doing that once a week. Monthly is likely not enough for people to remember you.
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I am comfortable with once a week, my inbox gets filled with way too many newsletters and I probably read less than 10% of them. I only open what I need or want to read at that given time. I agree with Dawn, the most important thing is to bring value to the receiver; Personalization is equally important to consider with the frequency.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
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What it's promised in the description. My newsletter states "bi-weekly" and this is what I do.