How long did it take to convert your First Paying Customer after you launched your product?

Ankita Singh
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Gaurav verma
There are a lot of factors that go into getting a sale. Only launching is not enough. You need to convenience your target audience as to why should they pay you. You need to build trust and many more things. If you are well connected, getting the first sale takes 1 day else maybe 6 months.
ankita singh
@gaurav_verma10 Thank you for sharing your input
Sarthak Solanki
If you target the right audience , it should take somewhere between 2 weeks to 6 weeks given your product is helping in solving their problem.
David J. Kim
Launched a couple months back, not yet! Right now because our product is video conferencing we are offering a free version due to high switching costs. We initially tried making a Zoom plugin but we couldn't access the necessary audio data to make our platform work.
ankita singh
@between_team Yes! First few days of a SaaS product should be offered for free, so that more people can give it a try.. But initially we all need a strong product to convert the users to paying users. All the best David
al z
Doesn’t launching means getting first paying customers?
ankita singh
@alexzar No I don't think so.. Launching is just a way to give your product a platform where people can see it. But that does not guarantee that all your viewers will be users and all users will be paying users.
al z
@ankita00 Well, this is exactly why I tend to think of launch as starting getting first paying customers rather than just unveiling the product/MVP on certain platform. Just as you said, telling the world that I have a product doesn't warrant the customers will flock to me, or even getting a single customer. However, starting actually acquiring customers bring the real move, so this I'd consider as a real launch BTW, funny enough but this may resemble the perception people often have about fundraising... Founders often celebrate loudly each next fundraising round, often measuring by that their success and growth...which really makes me wondering about the perspective under which many see fundraising... I see it as something that is similar to taking a loan from a bank and celebrating getting into debt. Fundraising is a measure of liability, like a loan, nothing to celebrate about. Obviously, in many cases this is necessary, but necessary evil, those money do not belong to the founders but rather raising their liability. So in my perspective, I'd consider as a launch any case of brining an initial paying customers or probably after some period to see their retention, because this brings a real value. On the other hand, just unveiling the product on some platform without customers being brought by that and considering this as a launch, is just similar to measuring one's success by another fundraising round... Of course, just my personal opinion..