How long did it take to build your product?

ann nalbandyan
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Silvi Hambardzumyan
What question! Still in process, validation loop is always in the cycle.
I believe it varies however it is crucial to have a specific end date to have the mvp and work through itrations to make sure the product is exactly what customers would like to see
Dalibor Houfek
We are building our Jetveo Platform and App Builder for almost 5 years, so we can speed up development of other applications.
@jetveo Wow that is impressive do you think you'll start a PH campaign for your product?
Dalibor Houfek
@galia1999 Hi Galia, yes but I was told that I need to get some karma and connection first in order to get a decent place.
Rajnish kumar
This is varies from product to product. Also, for time estimation, it is depends on the features, functionality and other releated things to decide. Most products, two years is more realistic. Taking one year for development plus one year to scale to manufacturing is an achievable goal for most hardware startups. As per my recommendations, you should go with readymade white label proucts ( for your need. because it will save your time, money and efforst. Hope you have decided your product niche already, if you don't mind can you share with me so that i can suggest you best readymade white label solution for the same. Waiting for your reply! Regards Rajnish
Anna Metric
Varies from product to product.
Andrea Brice
We launched our web version in July 2021, 11 months after I engaged the Seattle studio in August 2020 to take on the project. I started research to develop the MVP in November 2019. Engaged a small bootcamp to help build a prototype Jan 2020, but they fell through, so needed to go find another studio, hence the August 2020 studio. We're in development of another feature which won't be integrated into the web-based tool right now. Planned launch this month with a consultancy and I do the work by hand.
Rajiv Verma
Solely depends on the product you are making. Can take hours, weeks, months, or years. If you can give more specifics about the type of product you are talking about, you will have more meaningful answers :)
Vikas Sharma
I was making an live messaging app in which you can see message as live as you type on the keyboard from past 14 months. It is currently in beta version on playstore. you can check it here
Bryce Murray
It took us about a year. After several months of failed attempts, we swapped development strategy to a no-code dev. Once we made the swap, it took about 2 weeks to build an MVP.