How is your product unique?

Paul VanZandt
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Whether you're a maker, a founder, or an employee, I want to hear how your product is unique compared to the rest of the market. Why did you differentiate your product the way that you did?


Nikhil Bapna
The product I am working on is a Location based community portal. Like an FM station for the local area.
We are the first (and currently only one) to convert a professional profile (think LinkedIn) into an NFT based on a market demand algorithm, not speculation.
Taufik Nurrohman
Some products compete in terms of features, so they think that the more features they provide, the more opportunities they will get. I personally experienced what is known as The Paradox of Choice, so many features that are given make it more difficult for me to choose, until finally I decided not to choose at all. I try to make products with few features but sufficient to meet general needs. Then, in the product, I gave it hook mechanism and the like, to allow other features to be made by third parties (optionally).
Luka Vasic
Our product is one of many that helps you with LinkedIn. The thing that differentiates it is that it gives you the power to manage your network, while others let you grow it but not manage it. Our plans are to integrate all other networks beside LinkedIn one day and for customers to have one way place to manage all of their networks.
We got the support of major market makers in our industry where most competitors refuse to engage with the larger community of the product. Further we built a long term data and marketing strategy whereas our competitors are still focused on traditional SaaS model where the current market is moving away from that strategy.
Nicole Ogloza
Etha is a new social and news media that uses AI to mitigate misinformation and political polarization. We are different in a variety of way, particularly with the ways we source and scour the web (across google, social and more) and aggregate the information, but we aren't just limited to that. We use aggregation of the news to drive up and downvoting and holding politicians accountable for what they say on the media. These real time representations of holding them accountable acts like stock ticker symbols in real time, just like we see on WSJ! You can check it here at What about you? What is you product and how's if differ?
Guy Barner
We're in a crowded space (media MGMT for creatives), and found that what we can do best is make the software smarter using really awesome AI. The issue is - AI has become so overused, that no one really buys it anymore. It's almost like saying your product is "easy to use", or that your API requires a "5-minute integration". So the challenge is to make it stand out regardless.
Anas Mohamed
My product falls between "drag & drop" type form creators such as JotForm and setting everything up by yourself. It takes care of your web form's backend while giving you 100% control over how the front-end of your form should be implemented.
Manoj Ranaweera
There is a more philosophical question here. When speaking of uniqueness, should you refer to the business or the product? A business is not just the product. If you review, it's just a two-sided marketplace. The world is full of these. But if you review how we are using it, then one can begin to see a level of differentiation. What do you think @paul_vanzandt?
Georgy Nemtsov
Our product is unique simply because there is no such application in the whole world. There are thousands of products for team communication but they are all wrong. They are all wrong because people have to use multiple products for communication within the team. No solution to the problem yet! Information gets scattered among different places and it always creates a mess. Our product is the only application that a team needs to organize communication. We are building the future of people remote collaboration. I think, uniqueness comes with the perfect balance between functionality and complexity of the application. You add more features and you end up with a monster app. You lack necessary features and users will have to look for other applications. Balance is the key here.
Yash Bhatnagar
My product is a version of Wordle that works offline and in the command line...