How important is the "cost" when it comes to deciding on a route for your commute or a road trip?

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Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Please give more context to your questions. I can interpret it in a million ways :)
@bogomep Thanks for asking for the context. When you are planning to drive to a destination (work/shopping/holiday trip), do you really care to know how much your drive would cost you, (including fuel and tolls) and whether there is a cheaper route option? If yes, how do you currently get this information?
Deepak Karthik A.
The cost of routing places a crucial role in budgeting on road trips especially with all the Highways being tolled helps me decide in allocating the funds needed for the fuels and tolls and makes me take informed decision if I should stick to the particular route.
Andrew E
It isn't and it's never been. Time is money so $6 in tolls in exchange for not sitting in traffic is a cheap investment. Help me find a park along the way for the kids to play, or the right restaurant along the route, and you have my attention.