How important is it to personalize marketing and what tools do you use to make this happen?

Brian Nutt
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Maxwell Davis
I don't use a tool but the big issue I have is with DMs on Twitter just being spam and the same for LinkedIn Connection requests...
Brian Nutt
@maxwellcdavis I am referring more to data-driven communications that deliver automated messages and include content based on what can be inferred about you. We are trying to solve for this with video and are connecting up systems (MailChimp, PipeDrive, HubSpot etc.) that hopefully can give us the data needed to stitch together video and animations in a meaningful way.
Neri Raanani
Personalized marketing has a high conversion rate, but it depends on your audience, your product, and the resources you have available. It takes time and money! Try it out on an X amount of prospects and see how it works... Marketing is all about experimenting.