How far is your business from adopting AI? Do you find it necessary or not really?

Santiago Jaramillo
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[Yes or No] Do you think your current business or project can benefit from AI? Share why


Hello! We use AI for our video conferencing to analyze conversations and have good KPIs and the best marketing and sales strategy possible.
Iya Mendoza
As someone who manages an Ai-based logo maker (, there's nothing much to adjust. Instead of manually creating a logo design for clients, Ai can do it in 5 short minutes. It's such a powerful tool! Likewise, I would definitely recommend businesses to start automating their tasks or projects with the help of Ai. The day, age, and technology is continuously developing, so does the need for entrep and business owners to adopt and make the best use of the tools available and other resource. This way, they can focus on what's more important - generating money!